Our work is a combination of photojournalism & portraiture. We prefer to tell each story the way we see it unfold through creative and artistic images. We find inspiration in unique individuals, intimate moments, beautiful landscapes, light, and movement.


How many weddings have you shot? How many weddings do you shoot each year? How long have you been in business?
Oh gosh, I need to figure that out- lets just say…a lot! Just by guessing somewhere in the hundreds. These days we only shoot a select few usually totaling no more than 30-40. We prefer quality over quantity. & We have been doing this professionally since 2011.

Who will be my photographer?
Paul, Amber, & Kasie  are all lead photographers and one of us will always be your main photographer, depending on the package you have booked & who is available. Please let us know beforehand if you have a preference. If you choose to add a 2nd photographer to your package, we will sometimes be eachother’s second shooter, however we have a talented group of second shooters we work with as well.. The four of us have spent many years working together to create our specific photography style, the images you see on our website are a combination of all of our work.

Where are you based? Do you travel?
YES, We are based in the PNW, (Ashford,Washington to be specific) but we have happily been stricken with wanderlust for sometime now & would be ecstatic to jump on a plane again, no matter the destination — internationally or even just in the states!

What equipment do you use?
We use Canon, Adobe, Apple, and other professional gear. We are continually investing in new and innovative equipment to give you the best image possible.

Will you, or do you need to tour our venue/location?
If we have shot there before- no we don’t need to tour it. If we have not been there before- we would love to tour the location with you if it is local (less than 2hours away)- but no it is not a must- if your venue is further away, we always arrive early on the day of to scout everything out and find the best light, etc. So no need to worry if we cannot tour it with you before the big day.

What is your shooting style?
90% Documentary/Candid & 10% Portrait/Posed. We like to keep it purely documentary for most of the day, shooting the natural and intimate moments as they unfold in front of our camera’s, without directing. When it’s time for couple portraits ,we will give you cues and some direction to capture what happens naturally as you respond and react, to me and to each other. Family & Wedding party formal photos will be a bit more on the posed side.

If we give you a shot list, can you capture specific images or re-create others we have seen?
Unfortunately, No, this is something that just does not work with our style of imagery. We don’t carry shot lists or stick to stringent schedules in the strictest sense. The reason our photos are candid, photo-journalistic and capture ‘real moments’ is because we simply follow the action and what is happening in front us & our camera. We do not want to stop to check a shot list (& possibly miss an important moment) and we do not guarantee certain shots. Also, we do not stage, setup or manufacture these moments, they simply have to happen naturally in order for them to mean a lot more and be ‘real’. We prefer to capture your day in its authenticity rather than create contrived images for you. Of course we strive to capture all the ‘key’ moments and do our best to arrive before guests in order to capture little details that tell your story. Please remember as well, one photographer can not be in two places at once capturing different things, so we highly recommend a second shooter- if capturing ‘everything’ is important to you.

Do you shoot in raw or jpeg?
RAW, It allows us to get the best quality and image detail when I am processing the photos.

What are your travel rates?
They vary depending on the wedding location, but they are reasonable. We are super low maintenance. No need for first class flights or suites. We just want to be there to capture your wedding ! Make sure to go check out our bucket list page- for a list of locations we would love to go & shoot for just travel accommodations.

Is wedding photography worth the investment? 
Wedding photography is the only medium that will capture and hold your wedding day so it can be relived again and again. Wedding photography is an heirloom. It is an investment into your future. Wedding photography plays a very large role in your big day – so is it worth it? You make that call!

What all does the complimentary engagement session include?
*Complimentary Engagement session must take place within 50Miles of Zip Code 98328, or incur a travel fee (usually just the IRS fuel rate) at the discretion of the photographer. We don’t have a set time limit on our e-sessions, we will set up a date, time, location and meet up and chat a bit to get to know one another before shooting- and then Paul or Kasie will shoot with you until they feel satisfied with the session! We also do not limit outfit changes but recommend 2-3 🙂 You will get a full downloadable gallery of edited images within 3-5weeks. (yes I do full edits on engagement session & weddings- this means if you have a pimple the day of- I will do my best to edit it out) 

What happens when you arrive at my wedding?
We will check in with the bride or groom to let you know that we have arrived, we will make sure everything is still on schedule and no last minute changes have been made. Once we have that all taken care of depending on the schedule of the day we may go out and get some venue detail shots, or get right to capturing your day- pretending we are invisible in most cases, unless we arrive and go straight into formals. It largely depends on the schedule of the day!

What is a first look?
We are firm believers in the first look; an immensely intimate moment when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. There is only so much time couples get to laugh and cry and dance with the most important people in their lives who have come to celebrate their love. A first look allows portraits to be taken before guests arrive, and gives couples the freedom to enjoy cocktail hour without being pulled away from their loved ones for photographs. In addition, a wedding is a celebration of your love for one another, yet you spend half the day getting ready, away from each other. A first look allows you to spend more time with the person you love on your wedding day.

What about a timeline? Do you make us one? Do we need one?
Yes! We highly advise to have a tentative “timeline” of events during your wedding day- We know that weddings rarely stick to the timeline, and we are pretty great at going with the flow and improvising but its nice to have an idea of when certain things should happen to refer to. We will have you fill out a pretty extensive questionnaire a few months before the big day that includes a timeline section, as well as family member groupings, your bridal party, special shot requests, etc- & we will go over all of this in person or via phone prior to the big day as well to ensure we cover everything that is important to you!

Do you have backups?

We have backup gear, backup for your photos, & backup photographers- so yes we use/have backups everywhere!

Do you require a meal? How will you be dressed? 
Yes, please- if your coverage is longer than 4hours! We are better at being creative and capturing your love if we are not starving;) We prefer to be served right after the bridal party- so that we are able to eat and get back out there to ensure we don’t miss anything! Please also allow us a couple bathroom breaks 😉 If you have two shooters we will do this opposite of one another. We dress business/casual – we don’t wear jeans, but wont be showing up in a full tux either – 🙂

What is the best light to photograph in?
Light is a very important element in photography. For weddings, We always suggest getting ready in a bright, naturally lit room with very little clutter. We also suggest sneaking away for a bit during the hour leading up to sunset to get some nice warm photographs and to spend a bit of time alone together.

I’m really awkward in front of the camera, what can I do ?
This is probably the question we are asked most and we say pretty much the same thing to everyone. We hate being in front of the camera as well, there’s less than a handful of acceptable photos of us in existence. For the most part, we will shoot in an entirely candid / photojournalistic fashion, letting the day flow as naturally as possible. Obviously when it comes to location shots, we will provide you with some loose direction, however we really just encourage you guys to be yourselves & relax. After a while, you’ll get used to having us around, and once you just begin to enjoy yourselves, it will be instantaneously reflected in camera resulting in some beautiful images.

What happens if the weather takes a turn for the worse ?
We’ll be honest, some of our favourite wedding photos have been taken during the most torrential rain you could imagine. Being a photographer, you have to learn to adapt. If you’re happy to jump out in the rain armed with a couple of umbrellas and embrace the precipitation, we are too as long as we can avoid getting our gear soaked anyway- umbrella’s & assistants are a must! !

What is the best time of day to factor in our location photographs ?
The best time for location shots is where the sun is a little lower. During the middle of the day through to mid afternoon when the sun is at its highest can be a bit of a pain. It tends to cast some pretty harsh unflattering shadows resulting in squinty photos and very bright & highly contrasted skin tones. Late afternoon tends to be the best time for photos particularly the last hour before sunset. If you’d like to chat with us about getting the most of out your photos / day, please do.

Do we get a high resolution copy of all the images?
Most definitely. No matter the package or shoot, you receive all of your files in an online gallery with access to download all the images. The files are JPEG (high resolution), free of any ‘watermark’ or ‘copyright’. And of course, all the files you receive have been lovingly hand-edited by Brindi.

Do you include a disc of images?
No, Even better! Every shoot we do includes a gallery that allows instant downloads and is super easy to share with friends & family. (We no longer offer discs – we do however offer a Custom Flashdrive at your request for an additional fee- if not included in your package)

How many photos do we get?
Each wedding is unique and we typically deliver a different product every time. There is no end goal for a set number of images for your day. We want to capture as much of your day as we can and give you the best of the best. We on average deliver 95% of the photos taken- if it was taken and is not a duplicate or lighting situations didn’t cooperate then we give it to you.

When will we receive our images?
Our turnaround time varies upon the time of year- peak season vs non. During peak season (Aug-Oct) Regular sessions take from 2-5 weeks. Wedding photos are usually delivered within 6-9 weeks after the day of the wedding during the winter. Turnaround times are much faster during off season. We always do our best to have the quickest possible turnaround time but our best work does take time.

Do you blog all your weddings you shoot?
We get pretty busy during the summer months so, we do not blog every single wedding we shoot because we simply don’t have enough time to do so:)

After I download my images can I print/Post them?
Yes, OF COURSE! You receive a print and usage release with your digital files so that you may print, post, and brag about your images as often as you would like! We only ask you to please not throw an IG filter on it!



Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us either via the contact page, we would love to answer any questions you may have!